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T is for Trespass
by Sue Grafton


The Lord's Prayer calls believers to, "Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us." Forgiveness is not all that easy to do especially when the sinner is a psychopathic con-artist like Solana Rojas.

Santa Teresa's hardest working and most under-appreciated P.I., Kinsey Millhone, is investigating a case of possible elder abuse. Her neighbor, grumpy old Gus Vronsky, took a life-threatening fall and, after a hospital stay, it was clear that Gus needed caregiving in his home.

Gus' niece flew to California from New York and hired a nurse's aide with great credentials to care for her uncle. Nurse Solana Rojas came highly recommended. However, the credentials she produced were fakes. This nurse was no Florence Nightingale. She's a con artist and an expert at identity theft.

Once she is planted in Gus' home, Nurse Rojas begins to help herself to the old man's life savings, paintings and assorted treasures quicker than weeds take root in a garden. Keeping Gus sedated while she pads her own pocketbook is easy. Solana Rojas is a shrewd and calculating as they come and she knows what's ripe for the taking. A dark and demonic woman who borders on the psychopathic, even Kinsey fails to recognize what she is up against in confronting this devil who is disguised as an 'angel of mercy'.

It's been said that 'The Golden Years Suck!' Getting old often is more akin to pot metal than precious metal as aging seniors experience debilitating illnesses and a loss of freedom. However, as Kinsey Millhone finds out, getting on in years shouldn't mean that you are marked for murder!

Read our biography of Sue Grafton.