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Agatha Christie

Dame Agatha Christie, the undisputed Queen of Crime, was credited by the Guinness Book of World Records as being the best-selling fiction author of all time. Christie's books only been outsold by the Bible and the works of William Shakespeare. Her creation of fictional detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple put Agatha Christie in a class by herself.
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Patricia Cornwell

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With a professional background as a crime reporter in Charlotte, North Carolina, it's no wonder that contemporary novelist Patricia Cornwell has created top notch mysteries in her Kay Scarpetta series. Scarpetta, a forensic expert who once served as the Chief Medical Examiner in Virginia, is a multifaceted and flawed heroine who becomes embroiled in tough and dangerous cases.
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Arthur Conan Doyle

With his 1890 novel A Study in Scarlet, Arthur Conan Doyle introduced the world to Detective Sherlock Holmes, and changed literary history forever. Over the course of 60 stories, Holmes would go on to become the most famous fictional crime investigator in the world, so beloved by readers that when Doyle killed him off in one of his stories, an outraged and distraught public forced him to bring him back. More about Arthur Conan Doyle...

Sue Grafton

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It's as simple as ABC. Sue Grafton's offbeat private eye, Kinsey Millhone, is a huge favorite with mystery readers. Divorced and with hang-ups galore, Kinsey takes on hopeless cases near her home in the fictional California seaside community of Santa Teresa. Beginning with A is for Alibi through the current release, T is for Trespass, Grafton has found a winning formula.
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Dashiell Hammett

Dashiell Hammett turned his experience working for Pinkertons into a new, gritty, genre-making style of crime story before publishing his first novel, Red Harvest in 1929. You may have heard of his second novel – The Maltese Falcon – which introduced the now world-famous character of detective Sam Spade. Both the book and the Humphrey Bogart film went on to become classics.
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P.D. James

Phyllis Dorothy James began working as a civil servant when she was 16. She didn't get around to writing mystery novels until her late 30s, but she clearly had a knack for it – by the time she turned to writing full-time, she'd found fame and renown as the creator of fictional detective Adam Dalgliesh. James also writes the novels Children of Men and Death Comes to Pemberley.
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Dorothy L. Sayers

Renowned author Dorothy Sayers was a student of classical literature. However, she is famous for her mystery novels featuring the aristocratic amateur sleuth, Lord Peter Wimsey. Through Lord Peter and his romantic interest, Harriet Vane, mystery lovers continue to enjoy Sayers' classic British mysteries in books, as well as in films and on television.
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