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R is for Ricochet
by Sue Grafton


When an 80-year old man has a more romantic love life than you have ... you know you're in trouble. Of course, trouble follows tough gal Kinsey Milhone like applause follows an aria at the opera. Only in Kinsey's world, it's more often that she's the one singing the blues.

Kinsey hopes that they'll be some fast cash coming when she agrees to 'escort' a young women, Reba Lafferty, from the prison door to the parole office. Reba's father, millionaire Nord Lafferty, hires Kinsey to simply keep his daughter out of trouble during her first few days of freedom. Promising her client that she'll stick like glue to Reba for a couple of days and keep her at arm's length from booze, drugs and sordid friends, Kinsey hopes that this case will be a snap ... and a profitable snap, at that!

However, the Lafferty case pulls at Kinsey's heartstrings because she not only sees something of herself in the defiant, smart and sassy Reba, but the assignment also reunites Kinsey with Cheney, her old boyfriend. The case becomes much more than personal and Kinsey, who has always tried to stifle her emotions, finds herself tracking down clues while trying to sort out her own love life.

As with all of Kinsey's misbegotten cases, this adventure isn't about to be easily open and shut. Reba had been convicted of embezzlement from her employer, Alan Beckwith. Then what on earth is Reba doing sneaking off and having sex with Beckwith practically the minute she is released from prison?

Kinsey soon discovers that the long arm of the FBI is after Beckwith and that Reba had been set up on the embezzlement charge by her ex-employer and lover. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and soon Reba is helping Kinsey crack the case!

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