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N is for Noose
by Sue Grafton


In this fast-paced book, female private investigator, Kinsey Millhone, becomes embroiled in a marvelous maze of mystery handed off to her by her sometime lover, Robert Dietz.

Dietz, as faithful Kinsey Millhone fans will remember, is also a private eye. Dietz and Kinsey seem to be connected as much by wavering passion as professional prowess. Against her better judgment, Kinsey agrees to drive Dietz' red Porsche tack to Carson City, Nevada. Dietz is recovering from knee surgery and just can't drive the car himself.

When her 'mission of mercy' is accomplished, Kinsey allows herself to be talked into taking on an investigation job for Dietz, as well. The client is Selma Newquist, a grieving widow who believes her husband, Tom, was murdered.

Although the coroner believes that Tom Newquist died of a heart attack, Selma tells Kinsey that Tom was working on a mysterious case in his capacity of a police detective. Selma staunchly believes that Tom was involved in investigating something 'big' when he died and that his death was intentional.

Not only does Kinsey take on the case, but she moves in with Selma and discovers that there is, indeed, more than meets the eye in this mystery which combines dark humor with murder and revenge.

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