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J is for Judgement
by Sue Grafton


In J Is For Judgment, Kinsey Millhone has, against her better judgment, taken on a freelance investigation for California Fidelity Insurance. The same company that recently fired her!

It seems that one of the Cal Fed's agents believes that he's seen a man who is supposed to be dead. Fire years ago, Wendell Jaffe disappeared. No harm in that, except for the fact that the once successful entrepreneur vanished amid a torrent of bills. He has disappeared but there is an enraged group of financial investors, his wife (or should we say 'widow'?), two children, and a business partner, Carl Eckert, left behind and none of them are happy about it. In fact, Carl Eckert, ended up serving time for Wendell Jaffe's financial wheeling and dealings.

However, what California Fidelity wants to know is if they were cheated by paying out a half million dollars in insurance to Jaffe's 'widow'. If Jaffe is, indeed, alive then the grieving widow is, in reality, just a wife that's been abandoned by her husband. California Fidelity want Kinsey to discover if Jaffe is alive or dead. The case will take this hardworking female detective from the central California coastal town of Santa Teresa to the Mexican Riviera and back again.

Read our biography of Sue Grafton.