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I is for Innocent
by Sue Grafton


If it isn't one thing, it's another. It seems that this is the mantra of Kinsey Millhone's life. She's lost her comfy retainer from California Fidelity Insurance. With the loss of the retainer, she's also lost her office space, as well.

To reestablish her private investigator business, she decides to rent office space in a building owned by Lonnie Kingman, one of Santa Teresa's most successful lawyers. Kingman asks Kinsey to take over an investigation on an upcoming trial. David Barney was acquitted of murdering his wife, Isabelle, six years ago. Now he is being sued in civil court for wrongful death by his deceased wife's first husband!

Kinsey's new landlord, Lonnie, is representing Ken Voight in the case who believes that David Barney did, indeed, murder Isabelle. Voight wants to keep Barney from inheriting a fortune and benefiting from Isabelle's death.

As Kinsey works the case she discovers that there are plenty of likely suspects in this cold case. It wasn't just Barney that wanted Isabelle dead. There's also another twist. The investigator who first looked into the case prior to Kinsey being called it is now dead from what seems a simple heart attack. But was it a heart attack or a cleverly disguised case of murder? What Kinsey knows for sure is that she has to start watching her own back.

Read our biography of Sue Grafton.