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H is for Homicide
by Sue Grafton


The eighth book in the successful alphabet series finds Kinsey Millhone traveling in new, and not so nice, circles. In this fast-paced mystery, our favorite tough cookie detective moves from the chic world of the California coastline community of Santa Teresa to the hard-as-nails barrio life in East Los Angeles.

In H is for Homicide, Kinsey's is facing duo danger. While investigating a case of insurance fraud for California Fidelity, she discovers that the insurance case is undoubtedly linked to the murder of one of her own friends who worked for the insurance company.

Crossing paths with a Chicano street hustler, Diaz, Kinsey goes on one wild ride after another from Boyle Heights to the seediest and most dangerous neighborhoods in the City of Angels, including a raunchy bar that goes by the moniker of The Meat Locker. The book offers a stomach churning insight into the low life and high profits of auto insurance fraud and is as gritty as any of the Grafton books have dared to dwell. If you're a big fan of Kinsey Millhone, don't miss this page-turner of a mystery.

Read our biography of Sue Grafton.