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B is for Burglar
by Sue Grafton


B Is For Burglar is the second book in the best selling series of mysteries featuring the very unorthodox exploits of private detective, Kinsey Millhone. Once again, Kinsey finds herself untangling a web of murder in the mythical city of Santa Teresa, California. Santa Teresa, like it's real life inspiration, Santa Barbara, is home to the rich and famous. And it seems like where too much money and oversized egos live...murder and mayhem live right next door!

In this imaginative and very readable book, Kinsey is hired to find a missing woman. But this is not just any woman. Elaine Boldt is missing, all right. She was last seen heading for Boca Raton, Florida, the Southeastern playground for the rich, famous and the infamous. Maybe Santa Teresa proved to hot a place for Elaine at the moment. However, if she was feeling the heat, why would she be wearing a luxurious fur en route to the land of swaying palms and white sand beaches in Florida?

When Elaine disappeared she was wearing a $12,000 lynx coat. Hmmm, not exactly what one would expect to wear in the heat and humidity of Boca Raton. However, there is more than a fashion faux pas at work here. Suddenly, murder and mystery is in the air and Elaine Boldt is missing and, perhaps, permanently. What's more, the murderer now seems to be coming after Kinsey!

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