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The Last Precinct
by Patricia Cornwell

Back for more murder from a forensic point of view is Dr. Kay Scarpetta, chief medical examiner for Virginia and a consultant with the FBI In Cause of Death, we find Scarpetta delving into the deep (including a swim with a Navy SEAL unit) end of murder.

Unfortunately, the weak plot of Cornwell's book reminds us more of a wacky romp with an evil megalomania culled from a James Bond adventure movie. Before you can cry, "007", we find that Scarpetta is targeted for murder by a cult that plan to. "kill and maim, frighten, brainwash and torture" anyone who interferes with their efforts to take over the world.

Once again, Scarpetta is assisted by her computer genius niece, Lucy, who is now working for the FBI We also learn more about Scarpetta's difficult love affair with FBI agent, Benton Wesley who seems to be wavering in his decision to leave his wife.

This is definitely not one of Cornwell's finer efforts. Although Scarpetta does introduce the reader to the inside workings at the FBI and the fascinating world of criminal forensics, the battle of good and evil with this Bible thumping cult is over the top.

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