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Hornet's Nest
by Patricia Cornwell

After sustaining a long running hit series of mysteries with the Kay Scarpetta books, author Patricia Cornwell has presented mystery fans with a new heroine from the New South. Judy Hammer is in her mid-40's and it's looking like she's ready to be 'moving on' from a unhappy marriage and refocusing her life on her career as the Chief of Police in Charlotte, North Carolina. At her side is another woman cop, Judy Hammer, and a devilishly handsome young journalist, Andy Brazil.

While much of this book is given over to the creation of the relationship between these three characters, there are also a string of murders to solve. A serial murderer has been targeting visitors to Charlotte, dragging them out of their rental cars for the kill and then spray painting his victim's bodies. Guess that's enough to get the police to sit up and take notice and to boost the communities already rising call for safe streets!

Under increasing pressure on the job to solve what is a political hot potato, Chief Hammer is also dealing with a depressed husband and a deteriorating marriage. Her deputy chief, Virginia West, is teamed with reporter, Brazil, as they hunt down the crazed serial killer who has been dubbed the "Black Widow".

Hornet's Nest is swirling with the political buzz of life in the fast lane where cops are under pressure to find a killer in time for the six o'clock news. While certainly a departure from the forensic fascination of the Scarpetta series, Cornwell has created an interesting trio of crime solvers for mystery fans.

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