Forensic Fanatics

Cold Case Files


When it comes to uncovering the forensic facts surrounding real-life murders, there's no TV show that does it with more drama and suspense than Cold Case Files. Hosted by Bill Kurtis, each documentary episode is as fascinating as it is thrilling to watch. More...

Quincy M.E.


One of the first television shows to focus on forensics as an unbeatable tool to solve murders, Quincy, M.E. starred veteran character actor Jack Klugman as a feisty Los Angeles coroner who was as good in the lab as he was working the streets as a sleuth!

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


While the lab work borders on science fiction and the special effects are often gimmicky, CSI has grabbed impressive fan loyalty and the result is an avante garde mystery show that is one of TV's biggest hits and the show has garnered numerous awards since its premiere. More...

Crossing Jordan


For six years, mystery fans enjoyed taut drama as they tuned in to view Angie Harmon as Jordan Cavanaugh, of the Boston's Medical Examiner office. While Dr. Cavanaugh's personal life was twisted with tortuous guilt and pent-up anger, her ability to solve crimes was as razor sharp as a scalpel. More...