Women's Murder Club

Women's Murder Club was an American police procedural and legal drama that aired on ABC from October of 2007, to May of 2008. The series is set in San Francisco, and is based on the series of novels by the same name written by James Patterson. Series creators Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain also served as executive producers alongside Patterson, Joe Simpson, Brett Ratner, and R. Scott Gemmill.

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Inspector Lindsay Boxer (Angie Harmon) — Lindsay is the principal character of the series. She is a transplant from her native Texas, as noted by Jacobi in “Play Through the Pain.” She has a lingering obsession over the “Kiss-Me-Not” killer, whose case she worked for five years; that obsession led to the breakup of her marriage to Tom Hogan. At the end of the first episode, the “Kiss-Me-Not” killer returns, and though the FBI is now in charge of the case, Lindsay has a hard time letting go. In “FBI Guy”, she reveals that her attic is full of information on Kiss-Me-Not's victims and that she considers the destruction of her personal life an acceptable exchange for capturing him. She had a miscarriage while she was married to Tom Hogan (“Maybe, Baby”). After having a one-night stand with Tom prior to his wedding to Heather, she has a pregnancy scare, though it turns out she is actually anemic. She owns a dog, Martha, who she adopted after her original owner was murdered.

Deputy District Attorney Jill Bernhardt (Laura Harris) — Jill is a successful deputy district attorney, who works at City Hall. Her father died when she was eight and she ended up in the foster system some time after her mother remarried (“Blind Dates and Bleeding Hearts”). She has a weak stomach when it comes to gore and vomits often enough at bloody crime scenes that Inspector Boxer usually leaves a barf bag for her. She has a fear of commitment, presumably due to her dislike of her stepfather and her constant shuffling in the foster system.

Dr. Claire Washburn (Paula Newsome) — Claire is a medical examiner for the San Francisco Police Department. She is happily married, but there is some strain due to her husband's recent injury, which has left him needing a wheelchair. She has two sons.

Cindy Thomas (Aubrey Dollar) — Cindy is the youngest member of the Women's Murder Club. She works as a crime reporter for the fictional San Francisco Register, though she previously worked the metro section. Her father, whom she idolized, died eighteen months before the events of “Play Through the Pain.” She has an eidetic memory. A running joke through the series is whenever she says or does something that hints at her age, someone, usually Jill Bernhardt, asks if she was 12.

Inspector Warren Jacobi (Tyrees Allen) — Lindsay's loyal partner. He was up for the lieutenant position that went to Tom, but has not expressed much disappointment that he didn't get the job, seeming to prefer field work to the politics of the higher position. He also seems to prefer the finer things in life, having an affinity for wine, 30-year-old whiskey, and opera. He is thrice-divorced and has a child from one of those marriages.

Lieutenant Tom Hogan (Rob Estes) — Lindsay's ex-husband, who in the first episode was promoted to lieutenant and assigned as her boss. He is engaged in the pilot and has remarried by “To Drag and to Hold,” but he still worries that Lindsay's obsession with her work will consume her. Tom was played by Christopher Wiehl in the unaired pilot.

Deputy District Attorney Denise Kwon (Linda Park) — Jill's immediate superior at the DA's office, she clashes with her over her "bleeding heart" style. She is also antagonistic towards Jill due to her past romantic history with Hanson North. When the show returned after the writers' strike, the first episode credits no longer showed her name. But by the second episode, she was back in the credits as a series regular.

Recurring cast

Luke Bowen (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) — Jill's ex-boyfriend. He is an ER doctor at the fictional Mission Cross North. Jill and Luke have recently broken up after he finds that she had slept with Hanson.

Hanson North (Kyle Secor) — Defense attorney who has a romantic history with Jill and is currently seeing her boss, Denise Kwon.

Ed Washburn (Jonathan Adams) — Claire's husband. Currently uses a wheelchair full-time after being shot while serving as a police officer.

Heather Hogan née Donnelly (Ever Carradine) — Tom's new wife. She is a kindergarten teacher who is eco-friendly, planning a green wedding.

Pete Raynor (Joel Gretsch) — Lindsay's love interest in Season 1, who is in town for only two weeks.