Crazy Like a Fox

Crazy Like a Fox was a TV series set in San Francisco, that aired on CBS from December of 1984 to May of 1986. It starred Jack Warden as Harry Fox, a free-wheeling private eye and John Rubinstein as his high-strung attorney son, Harrison, who frequently and reluctantly found himself dragged into his father's cases.

The opening of the show typically had Harry and Harrison on the phone in their respective offices having exchanges like this:

Harrison: Hello?
Harry: Harrison, I need your help.
Harrison: Dad, you keep forgetting. I'm a lawyer. You're the detective!
Harry: Aw, come on son. All I need is a ride. What could possibly happen?

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The show was a hit in its first season, cracking the Nielsen Top 10. Halfway through the second season, CBS programmers revived their Sunday Night Movie, which displaced Crazy Like a Fox. The show bounced from time slot to time slot, and its ratings suffered as a result. The show was cancelled at the end of the season.


Jack Warden as Harrison "Harry" Fox, Sr.
John Rubinstein as Harrison Fox Jr.
Penny Peyser as Cindy Fox
Robby Kiger as Josh Fox